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All-In-One PC Computer – Pros and Cons

by amauser on July 2, 2009

What is the All-In-On Computer
Some people believe that there is no difference between an all-in-one desktop computer and a traditional desktop computer. There most certainly is a difference. The all-in-one model combines the CPU and monitor into one unit and eliminates all the cables and wires as opposed to the traditional desktop that has the separate CPU tower and takes up more space.

Many manufacturers make in the all-in-one model, including Dell computers, Apple, HP and more and it is becoming a popular computer model for those that want to save space and have a better layout in their home or office.

The traditional PC is known for its bulkiness and size. It takes up a lot more room. There is the CPU tower and monitor. There is also the option of a printer…if you have it. The room for expansion of the traditional model, such as for added hard drives is definitely a point in its favor.

Cons for the All-One-One Desktop
1. There is less room for expansion with the all-in-one model because of its compact size.

2. The other con to the all-in-ones is the fact that they are made with notebook components to make them smaller.

The Pros for the All-In-One Model
The all-in-ones do offer advantages and pros that make them worthwhile.

1. The all-in-one models save space and provide a cleaner display due to the fact that they have no cables, except for the power and accessories such as printer.

2. Because the all-in-one combines the CPU and monitor and eliminates the cables it saves space and provides a cleaner look and set up.

3. Another pro is that the all-in-one uses notebook components that use less power and heat.

The choice is ultimately yours. There are many traditional desktop computers that have been made smaller by cutting down the size of the CPU tower and monitor, but you still have the cables.

The all-in-one while more energy efficient is less upgradeable than the traditional desktop. If you do not need high performance then the all-in-one is a better option. However, if you are an extreme gamer you will need to choose one of the 10 best gaming computers and if you are a major software user, or music and video lover, you should stick with the traditional desktop for upgradeability.

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